lz bayonet

A small detachment of the 23rd MP Company which came under the direct control of the Americal Division. The 3rd platoon like her sister platoons the 1st which was attached to the 11th Infantry Brigade and the 2nd which was attached to the 196th Infantry Brigade had a close affiliation with their Brigade's. In many instances even more so then the main Company which was stationed at Americal Headquarters located at Chu Lai.
Third platoon members, proud to be part of the 23rd MP Company were equally proud to have been part of the 198th Light Infantry Brigade, " Brave and Bold". Officially part of the "Order of Battle" for the 198th. , these Military Policemen felt very much a part of the Bayonet Fighter Brigade. This web site is an attempt to have historians look up facts and to keep the memory alive of this very small unit. Also I have added lots of links pertaining to the Americal Division. The site will be corrected and added to as time goes on until there are none of us left to tell the story of this unit.shield_small

(Left a photo of LZ Bayonet 1970 home of the third Platoon)